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Basically, a normal teenager that is fantasizing about her bias every moment. Always hungry and never productive. Been a fan girl for almost 2 years yet never met her bias.

This blog contains every kpop group or artist that I like. Also contains the things whatever I want to post.

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 Why So Serious?

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I cannot. I am spazzy right now. I just saw Man in love and my fangirl feels~ I just can’t OTL ;A; hjhaldicjfiguasjiwldejhfceifhsiwakxsandc

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I know I’m late posting GIFS but I really really like this scene ;A;

Look at him ;A; so adorbs ;A;

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Infinite is here in the Philippines! asqwdfghklajdlojfleoifjdeclodeirkdgfmewjf 



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Because being a Fangirl with no money is too hard. 

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Mga Filipino fans na hindi makakanuod ng DKFC Concert, 

Hug tayo dali. Iyak na rin ;A;

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I don’t seem to understand why Sungjong have many haters. 

I just can’t.

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Into your World 

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